Web solutions based on Netty development

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A small Http service based on Netty that supports http and WebSocket and can use annotations to declare Handler, If you want to develop an http service with netty but find it cumbersome, then Magician may help you.


Magician-Web is an MVC extension to the Magician framework that supports controller management, interceptors, JWT, automatic parameter validation, entity receiving parameters and more.


A database operations framework that supports multiple data sources, transaction management, paging queries, single table operations without SQL, complex operations can write their own SQL, support for entity parameters, support for {} and ? placeholder


Container management module that allows for the unified management of beans in a project, which brings two extensions, AOP and timed tasks


Magician-Configure is a configuration manager that can easily read configuration files from external, remote, and local(class resource directories) and cache them in key-value form in the project. When fetching configuration data, if it is not in the cache, it will automatically go to the environment variables to fetch